3 Idiots


The fact, 3 Idiots was the first Hindi movie to do 200+ crores, at a time when other movies struggle to did even 100 crores at the boxoffice, never fascinated me. What fascinates me, is the kind of cult 3 Idiots enjoy among the Indian audience today. Whenever the name of this movie pops up, I have these words filling up my ears – best college movie; every parent and teacher should watch this; I don’t know why it was not sent for the Oscars etc. Looking at these kind of reactions one would think of 3 Idiots as some kind of intellectual or thought provoking movie whereas in real, its just a well made masala movie where every ingredient was in perfect proportion.


The movie was fun while it lasted. It didn’t made me sit up and think about our society and education system. We go through these things on a daily basis. We all know the quality of our  education system, infrastructure of schools and colleges, mentality of our society and how the dynamics of friendship changes as the time passes. We have discussed these things in our school during debates, educational seminars and even among friends. So nothing on the screen surprised me or moved me. What I loved were the situations that Raju Hirani was able to create. He definitely succeeded in tickling my funny bone. Why other people rate it so highly ?? Either our films are mediocre or people are ignorant. No, I think both. But our films have shown marked improvement in last 2-3 years. Films like Queen, Ankhon Dekhi, Piku, Masaan have increased in numbers. Content driven movies are working, so our audience is also evolving. So the perception of 3 Idiots being an intellectual film will fade away ??

I remember the impact of  Taare Zameen Par. I didn’t knew what dyslexia was. How a scissor can appear as two people talking. It changed my perception towards slow learners. That scene in which Ishaan calculated 3*9 gave an interesting insight into a child’s imagination. Film making stands for such moments. To be able to see what is not visible to our eyes. Films are like light, which make things visible. And this is how Taare Zameen Par opened our eyes – CBSE provided extra time to special children (including the visually impaired, physically challenged and dyslexic) during exams, Mumbai’s civic body also opened 12 classrooms for autistic students, in Chandigarh the education administration started a course to educate teachers on how to deal with children with learning disabilities.

3 Idiots merely scraped the surface by talking about issues like peer pressure, family pressure, students committing suicides, rote learning etc but never went into the depths of these sensitive issues. We saw  Aamir Khan giving us some statistics about colleges in India, how there is no instrument to measure the pressure of human brain and all, but what went through Joy’s mind before taking such a drastic step never made it to the film. 3 Idiots makes you laugh but never asks you to think. Beyond those laugh out loud moments, 3 Idiots is just average.

NOTE : The image has been procured through Google images.




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